Gold customer package


Suitable for companies, major retail stores and e-commerce
Its monthly cost is $2,720 per month, which is equivalent to 10,000 AED or Saudi riyals
Your team consists of seven people:

  1. Media buyer digital marketing specialist in marketing on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snap, Google and YouTube
  2. Graphic Design and photo and video design montage
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  3. Team leader & secretary and the supervisor of the team in general, and she is the link between the client and his team, and it is the advertising face, that is, whoever appears in the client’s advertising videos by filming them to explain his services and products
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  4. SEO specialist Search Engine Optimization to rank your website in top of Google by key awards search
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  5. Moderator, supervising pages and posting publications, managing pages, and replying to messages and comments
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  6. Content writer for websites, search engines and daily publications
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  7. programmer and web designer Design, programming and management of your website                      
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Additional information

suitable for large companies, large stores and e-commerce

And your team consists of eight individuals and they are:

  1. An employee specialized in buying ads and e-marketing on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snap, Tik Tok and Linkedin.
  2. A specialized employee buying ads and e-marketing, Google and YouTube
  3. Graphic design employee, montage design photos and publications
  4. Team management employee, director of community communication, and live broadcast promotion broadcaster
  5. SEO content writer employee SEO specialist employee
  6. Moderator employee supervising pages, customer service and manual marketing
  7. Employing content writer for websites, search engines, and daily publications
  8. Programmer and web developer employee


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