Promotion Video using models Package


Additional information

Brief: You can choose any of our available models to promote your service, company, or product and talk about it in the promotional video. Where we can help you write the text or you can provide us with the text, and you can add the background you want as shown in the video:

1-Option 1: One video , filmed with a green chroma background (that is, you can put any image or video you want as a background for the model) and its duration ranges between one and two minutes.
Its cost is 95 dollars, or the equivalent of 350 UAE dirhams or Saudi riyals

2-Option 2: 3 videos per month that are filmed in front of a green chroma background (that is, you can put any picture or video you want as its background) and you can shoot in a specific place and the duration of the video is 1 minute to 2 minutes
Its cost is $277, or the equivalent of 1000 UAE dirhams or Saudi riyals.

Number of Video

1 video, 3 video

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