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Our company was established in 2020 by Mr. Mohammad Adnan Al-Tawalbeh, a Jordanian who was born and raised in Saudi Arabia, and lived 15 years in UAE after completing his education in Jordan. He is a specialist and an expert in the field of e-marketing and e-commerce. He has great experience in professional marketing on all platforms, in addition to his ability to understand and develop the business of companies and individuals.
The company was established with a license “under the name of the Commercial Registry in Jordan / Irbid City (Mohammed Adnan Tawalbeh Foundation for Marketing and e-commerce) and also in the Republic of Egypt under the name of the Commercial Registry (Different for Marketing and e-commerce) and it conducts its business and activity in the recruitment of human cadres from Jordan and Egypt and Syria, and came to light after a long experience that lasted 10 years in the field of e-marketing and e-commerce in many countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan.
Different specializes in marketing, advertising, management and recruitment of human resources in all disciplines related to the field of marketing, advertising and e-commerce. We have gained our capabilities  from the experiences we have gone through in the field of marketing for individuals and companies.
As marketing experts, one of our tasks is also to analyze the needs of the market and customers, directing  them and motivating them to reach what is best for their business and what can improve their productivity  and increase their sales. One of our points of difference lies in the fact that we are moving away from the  financial benefit that characterizes all marketing companies and agencies in general, and what we have  focused on is how to reach the valid results and successes that our clients desire.
Why are we different?
Our concept did not emerge from nowhere. Earlier we faced many difficulties, as we worked on managing marketing for individuals personally and starting a marketing company in the past that works according to the system that is usually followed (that is, the presence of a certain number of employees, each employee specializes in a specific field and each one of them works on daily basis for the benefit of more than one client at the same time, and since this method is used by all marketing companies and we also did it in the past not long ago, our continuity in this way was not of any benefit to us nor to other clients. We have noticed the collapse in the results and the general performance of the company and the employees. We also noticed that when the employee focuses on only one customer on a daily basis without working on more than one customer, his performance would be fulfilling to the benefit of the customer.
In addition, we came to the conclusion that indicates that the outcomes that are faced by companies in the field of advertising and marketing can be summarized as follows:

  • Whoever hires employees according to their specialties in the field of advertising, and marketing companies is the same for the most part as a general manager of the company or even as a recruitment officer does not have sufficient experience to evaluate the employee and his experience and the extent of their ability to perform their work properly. Because it is laborious to have all the skills and expertise in all of these areas in the manager himself or the HR recruiting officer.
    -We also noticed that if the employee is working for more than one client on the same day distracts and disturbs the employee’s ability to concentrate so that they cannot excel at their work, and focus on the advertising campaigns, and job duties in general like follow-up and analyzing them on a daily basis.
  • The customer is not aware of what is actually happening and what is going on behind the scenes.
    Rather, these reports, information, and updates are limited to the owners of the marketing company and the employees, as the owner of the company or the employee cannot tell the customer that they only devote themselves to your work for a period ranging from half an hour to only one hour per day, Because you are one customer out of plenty of customers.
  • In general, the client prefers to deal personally and directly with the company and its employees who manage their business. He also wants to communicate with them on an ongoing basis to understand the course of work and its developments. One of the downsides that most companies do not address is that they do not provide this effective communication between the client and employees, which leads to the impossibility of communicating the client’s ideas and requirements to the work team. Moreover, communication with the customer in the beginning is often with the sales representative of the marketing and advertising company who signed the contract with the customer and ends up neglecting the customer and not giving them the priority and attention they promised them at the beginning.

In fact, as the customer, you are the person who knows the most about the nature of the audience you want to target and who is interested in your product or services!
Let’s say that you target the Arab audience in the United Arab Emirates and the employee specialized in designing, writing publications and managing search engine optimization, who launches your advertising campaigns on social media platforms, and targets the Arab audience who is Indian, Pakistani, Filipino or European, meaning that his mentality, thinking, culture and knowledge of nature Arabic, Arab society and the Arabic language are far from the audience it is targeting, what will the result be?
What happens and what goes on behind closed curtains remains unknown to clients, and the only ones who know about it are the marketing agency owners and the staff themselves, who can’t tell you that they’re only working on your project for about half. An hour or two a day because you are ONE of many other clients.
The programmer, SEO specialist, designer and ad marketing specialist can’t get sufficient time for your projects and campaigns because they already have to complete tasks for other clients.

Why choose us ?
Why do we advise you to deal with us?

We arrived at this different approach to work after analyzing things well, in order to be “different” from others in performance and method of work. Our vision is to provide a suitable work environment for the employees and the client, and to provide an entire team that performs the daily work assigned to one client only without the client feeling any failure towards what he requests.
We also created the right and optimal way to work in the field of business marketing; a different way that other companies cannot follow. We will provide you with different packages that suit your business needs in order to save your expenses, efforts and time and provide you with the best practical competencies in the field of e-marketing on social media platforms.

We will undertake the task of hiring the work team you have chosen according to the packages available to us, and then we will test their competencies and train them. Meaning that it is like establishing a small company, but in our headquarters and under your supervision and perversion and in cooperation with you and your decisions. You can view us as your company; you can tell everyone that you have your own marketing company and work team as we hire the right competencies with the appointment of a supervisor on the work team to be the leader of this team.

It is no secret to us that hiring this number of employees and the process of selecting and supervising them will be difficult for us in terms of providing accommodations for employees and securing permits and monthly salaries, and the most challenging matter among them is not choosing the right employee, as you will begin the arduous journey of searching About a headquarters for employees and equipping it with all the tools, devices and office furniture, the most difficult is to find and select the best employee.

We will provide you with the headquarters in which your work team works. We will also provide you with the appropriate expertise and capabilities, and it is worth noting that you can replace one of your team members if he is not able to perform his work in accordance with your needs. We are distinguished.

We offer our services at competitive prices, as you will not find these prices anywhere else in the Arab market in terms of recruitment packages not marketing.
Given the fact that our method is completely new and unique, we can proudly and humbly state that no company (nor individual) can compete with us. We are the first company in the world to provide this service in the field of marketing and advertising
We work in a full and integrated system, full time, 8 hours a day 6 days a week.
We make sure that each team member is trained and given the necessary information regarding the client’s field of work, needs and requirements.
We provide the client with daily, weekly and monthly reports.

We provide customers with an unparalleled advantage, which is to allow the customer to log into their social media accounts and see ads and results.
We provide a unique feature for our clients, which is to allow the client to contact the team members on a daily basis, through the team leader and by creating a WhatsApp group that includes the entire team along with the client.
We are highly qualified in our field. Especially with regard to digital marketing, e-commerce, extensive and long experience in the Arab and Gulf market, and targeting the right audience for the client.
We have highly qualified and experienced consultants who can offer their knowledge and services for free.
Customers who buy the Gold package or the Diamond package have the opportunity to allow the team to work for another company or store they own for free and without the need for another team.
Customers are allowed to change any employee if they appear to be unqualified, incompetent, or perform poorly.
We offer the customer the option of electronic payment or by bank card via our website, or transferring to the company’s bank account to any of our branches.

The services that we provide here in “Different for Advertising and E-Commerce” are not available anywhere else, such as: “Live Broadcasting Officer”, “Chat Officer and Manual Marketing” and “Affiliate Collecting and Pulling Competitor Data and Automated Marketing”
The customer can stop our services by submitting an official request one month in advance and “Different for Advertising and E-Commerce” also undertakes not to impose any fine or raise any objections.

We will make amazing ads targeting the right audience and get them to buy your services and products.
We use a new marketing technology that is guaranteed to get great results.
We are not just an advertising agency; We provide integrated marketing solutions that will increase your profits quickly.
You will never need marketing agencies again. We are your own company. We will collect, select and train your team and your team will make money and achieve success.
Marketing is no longer the same with “Different Marketing and E-Commerce” who will make marketing plans and innovate new sales techniques.

In general, clients prefer to deal personally with the company and the employees who run their business and communicate with them on an ongoing basis to understand the developments and progress of the work. To be honest, this is not available in many companies. Therefore, it makes the customer unable to express their thoughts and needs to the team, except for the time when the salesperson who closes the deal and signs the contract meets or contacts the customer, the salesperson usually ends up neglecting the customer and not giving them the priority and attention they promised when signing the contract.

Our Vision

Our aim is  to provide an appropriate work environment for the employees and the client and to provide a complete team that does the daily work for specifically one client only- avoiding feeling of any failure towards our work foe the clients. We have provided the correct and optimal way to work in the field of digital marketing and provide media advertising and administrative results for your business so that it cannot only be available at other companies.

Our Vision

Every part in the marketing plan and process is linked to each other and constitutes an integrated link that we cannot allow any part of it to be weak, all in order to achieve the highest rates of success.

Muhammad Adnan Tawalbeh
Executive Director

Mohamad Tawalbeh


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