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Secretarial female Staff management team leader - Different Advertising & Marketing Agency

Secretarial female Staff management team leader

You Can Now For This Service.

Secretarial female Staff management team leader

She is considered responsible for the primary role in creating interaction and supervising the work team and its daily, weekly and monthly performance, and submitting a report to the client, as it is the one who communicates between the work team and the client and directs the daily tasks to them and distributes them to them and she also interacts With people on the communication accounts for which you are fully responsible.

In terms of publishing content and renting marketing ideas to reach a large number of the audience as well ideas, She is also is the one who asks designers to prepare designs that are commensurate with the nature of his job, whether videos or pictures, who does Contacting the moderator’s supervisor to give her all the information on how to respond to inquiries, record requests, and what is the product or service provided by her. This interaction helps greatly in improving the marketing plan greatly.

The job of an employee is to manage the work team, communicate with the community, and broadcast the live broadcast

1. The person required to form a work team must follow the following matters
1- Determine the specifications of the team members that will be appropriate to the nature of the work.
2- To facilitate the selection, an advertisement containing the specifications required for the work can be published and published in the appropriate places and sites.
3- After nominating the applicants ’papers, the team manager interviews the applicants one by one and selects the best among them.
4- The work team must consist of the competencies and able to communicate, and move away from courtesy when testing the work team.

The most important teamwork skills :

1-Show respect to all team members
2. – Ensuring participation among team members and engaging in all details of the work because discussion increases ideas and encourages innovation
3. – Ensuring the provision of the appropriate environment for teamwork
4. – Take care to develop the communication skills of team members.
Away from fanaticism and strife and dividing the team into quarrels.
5- Follow up work with the owner of the company (the customer on a daily basis and submit reports on the daily, weekly and monthly workflow plan
6- Understanding both Arabic and English languages fluently in reading, writing and speaking
7- Providing ideas for developing the work and following up the work with the director of the recruitment company to meet the employees nominated to work in his team and test them by the company’s manager to ensure their experience
8- Submit a report to the owner of the company and the customer about the performance of the employees and the extent of their response and experience in their work

The tasks of a team leader:

  • There are many tasks so that the team leader is able to perform the duties required of him in an easy and successful manner, among the most important of these tasks:

    _ Develop a team work plan that is clear and understandable to all members of the work team.

    _ To define the tasks of each member of the work team according to his skills, preferences, and academic degree.

     _ she should not make any decisions individually before consulting with the members of the work team.

    _ she must urge the work team to create a spirit of cooperation between the team members, motivate them and release their energies.

     _ The team leader must distribute the work among the team members in a manner that ensures equal time and effort with the work.

     – All team members must be equal  to each other in effort and time spent and not throw a lot of work on the shoulders of only one member of the team.

     _ The deadline for completing the work and delivering it to the client is determined

     _ she as a leader should monitor the performance of the team members, compare the performance with the amount of time and money spent on work, and correct the mistakes that may result from non-compliance by one of the team members

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