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Employee content writer

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Employee content writer

What is the job of a content writer?

The content writer is responsible for writing news and monthly newsletters, various articles and publications on social media pages, in a way that helps the customer to gain customer confidence through written, audio or video material, as the content writer writes information that benefits customers and provides it to the clients of the organization for free, and the job needs excellent knowledge. By writing Arabic or English, and sometimes in both, the goal of the content writer’s job is to attract customers and enhance the engagement between the organization and the customers.

Content writer job duties:

Writing suitable content and articles to be published on the institution’s blog and website. Writing marketing articles to promote the organization’s products and services. Proofreading and restructuring of texts and editing various articles. Update the customer’s website on the Internet and social networks. Draw up monthly newsletters and letters. Various online resources are used to present useful topics to clients. Optimizing the overall look of the content provided by the marketing side and collaborating with the design team. Observe the SEO rules and guidelines when writing articles. Oversee timely delivery of content and use of a scheduled publishing plan.
Create and develop new ideas in various topics related to the field of the institution.

Skills needed for a content writer job:

To be fluent in different writing skills in Arabic and English such as (articles – news texts – publishing research papers) and other types of writing
Proficiency in using content management systems such as (WordPress).
Good knowledge of SEO.
Precision and handling details.
The ability to collaborate with the work team.

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