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Questions and answers for clients

1-What is different company?

“Different” is a marketing, advertising and e-commerce company licensed in Jordan under the commercial name of “Mohammed Tawalbeh Company for Electronic Marketing and E-Commerce Activities”
License Number and Registration Number: 226614 – Activity No. 479120 and 630520
It is also a company in the Egyptian Republic under the commercial activity name “Different Digital Marketing and E-Commerce Company”.
Its activities are managed from Jordan, Egypt and Syria, and it has agents in some Arab countries to facilitate the process of communicating with the company and knowing its services.

2-  How is the company paid if contracted with it?

The company is paid through its website via PayPal, Visa and MasterCard cards, and here the customer must know that our company is licensed with a commercial registry in Jordan and that electronic payment is also an internationally known method that belongs to banking sectors and if it is legal and the customer can also transfer the amount by Western Union or a bank transfer to the company’s account in Jordan or to the company’s account in Jordan and receiving the agreed payment signed in the contract.

3 – What are the guarantees to the customer that the contract is legal and that the customer retains his legal right in the contract concluded between him and the company?

There are agreements between Jordan and the Arab countries in general, where the client can request the ratification of the contract by our company in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country and the client’s place of residence, thus preserving the client’s legal right to ratify this contract. That is, he has the right to appoint a lawyer in Jordan to sue the company in the courts of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in the event that the company does not do what was agreed on or take the payment from the client and does not implement the provisions of the services contract with the client.

4 – When must the customer pay the requested sum of money, and when is the work team or service provided?

The customer must pay two weeks beforehand, meaning before being provided by the service, as the company needs two weeks to recruit a working team and train it to accomplish their tasks perfectly that were contracted to offer the customer.

The customer gives the payment in advance for one month according to the contract, and the payment is renewed monthly between 1 to 5 of each month, as the company must pay the wages and salaries of the client’s employees.

5 – Can the customer request services that do not follow the employment package system
and are just other services that are not related to employment? Also, can the customer ask to hire only one person, for instance, a website programmer or a specialist to buy ads only?

Yes, he is entitled to if the services he requests are available in our business. He has the right to request the employment of one person only if we have a vacancy.

6- Does the client have the right to request a change of one of his employees if he is unable to perform his/her job or indifferent about performing his duties, or to request a change of his entire work team?

Yes. However, he should report this request at least two weeks in advance.

7  – What are the cases in which the contract is breached and the customer is not entitled to demand the company for the payment he paid for the recruitment package, and the contract is canceled and the customer loses his legal right to demand the company for the payment or their demand to complete the employment service for him?

 As the client performs actions that harm the company in general and the interest of   the company.
1. Disclosing the company’s secrets and its agreement with the company in a payment that is fulfilled to the company in exchange for services or issues that could disturb the work team.
2. Getting into a private or non-professional relationship with an employee and engaging in conversations outside of work time.
3. Using offensive words with the employee, such as insulting the employee which may cause the employee to quit.
4. Requiring the employee to work for the client outside the scope of the agreement and employing him behind our back in order to serve the client in matters that are not mentioned in the contract.
5. A job opportunity, travel or relationship with an employee offered by/ getting involved with the client.

8- What if the company is late in providing employees and a work team to the client after the client has fulfilled the payment due to providing the contracting service or for more than two weeks?

If some employees are provided and the company delays, for example, by providing the number of the whole team in all disciplines, it also has a deadline of two weeks, i.e. a maximum of 30 days, then the company must return the payment to the customer immediately after the 30-day period in if the staff is recruited.

9- Does the customer have the right to fire the employee (stop working for him only, not for the whole business)?

Yes. However, the reason must be logical and justified, after the general manager of the company is informed.

10 – Does the customer have the right to ask his team to work on a project or a specific entity affiliated with him as well and to assign the work team to manage other businesses affiliated with him?

In the gold and diamond bundle only, the customer is entitled to this order. As for the Bronze and Silver bundle, he can’t do that.

11 – Where is the work team supervised and where is the client’s work team appointed?

Recruitment occurred in the Syrian Republic, the Egyptian Republic or Jordan.

12 – Does the customer have the right to ask his employees to perform any work off the work of what they have been employed in, such as asking, for example, the programmer to work on a website for a friend of his, or asking the designer to make designs that are not in the same field of the customer that this employee was hired to work for?

No. He does not have the right, unless he gets the approval of the company’s management and the employee himself on this matter.

13  – What are the cases in which the work team is permitted to work from home and not from the company’s headquarters?

In cases outside the control of the company due to bad weather, during the month of Ramadan, health issues, or due to the spread of any epidemics and the consequent change in the law of the country, in which the work team works, the customer has no right to object.

14- Does the customer have the right to communicate with his work team?

Yes. A WhatsApp group will be created for all its employees. He will join this group to communicate with them, where a weekly meeting is held under the supervision of the manager or manager of the work team.

15- Does the customer have the right to break the contract and ask the company to stop all employees from work?

Yes. However, this can’t be applied before the 3-month period, which is the period of expiry of the initial trial contract unless there is actually a dysfunction in work abilities by our company or the employees who were hired for the client. The client must realize that the performance of the employees in the first period may not reach the required level until the end of the first month; this is reasonable ,and it is known that any employee appointed to any job to manage the work of the client needs this period to prove his/her abilities and to show the results of his work in an elaborate manner, especially if it relates to e-marketing and advertising.

16- Is it okay to contact the owner of Different Advertising Company?

Definitely! Please feel free to call or contact on whatsApp +962776957449
Mr. Muhammad Adnan Tawalbeh

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