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What is the difference between web design and programming?

Web design: website design is related to the graphic work of the site, from the site division, the external shape, the design of banners and icons, the choice of fonts and colors, and the website designer always takes into account that the sites are designed according to the appropriate standards for the visitor from comfortable colors to the visitor’s eye, distinctive images consistent with the design and lines commensurate with the design, The website design is a very important thing for any website that wants to succeed, because the website design is able to influence the visitor. Either he likes your site or hates it. If there is an unpleasant design for a site you come across, you will definitely not like to browse this site again.

Web design is nothing but the process of producing a specific idea in the form of a website design that indicates the idea to be implemented and displays the goal of your site and displays the services you provide to you, everything related to web design:

What is corporate websites programming?

Website programming: programming websites, everything related to the server, linking databases, designing how the site itself works, and processing the site from all aspects of technology In this, special programming languages such as PHP, Java and many other languages are used, and I always give a simple analogy to distinguish between web design and website programming. Perhaps this simile is useful in facilitating the matter. Imagine, dear, that the site is a “car”. Simply if you want to buy a car, you will choose the car with a distinctive design and a powerful engine. The site is like the car. The design of the car is the design of the site, and the engine here is the programming, and they both complement each other to produce a distinctive and powerful website. This is a simple explanation about the difference between web design and programming websites and the difference between them, but surely we will help you design the best website without errors, which achieves expansion and spread among your customers and thus achieves the appropriate profit for your business at the lowest prices for web design companies.

Website design stages

  • • Defining the idea and dividing it into elements.
  • • Make an outline of the site’s appearance and presentation.
  • • Begin to implement the design on the various design programs
  • Output the website design in the form of a fixed site on the browser (site coding process)
    Taking into account and modifying the design to suit different devices (Responsive Design) Fitting the design to the required programming Elements of a successful website design.
  • A website design is not considered successful unless it achieves the following goals.
  • Clarify and show the idea of the site and the desired goal.
  • Ease of use, which means simplicity in presentation and delivery of the idea to the visitor.
  • The site coding takes into account the basic SEO features such as title, meta tag, and dealing with search and archive sites.

Website developer and programmer tasks:

  • Design and amendment of the internal system of the website, which includes the following:

    1. Add meta tags to pages (very important for search engines)
    2. Determine the keywords for the site, which are the most important keywords related to the site’s domain that Google users are likely to search for frequently.
    3. Create SEO pages and write accurate descriptions for each page.
    4. Adding a sitemap that helps Google understand the site and archive it quickly, and link the site’s pages as a whole.
    5. Allow Google to permanently archive new site and topics.
    6. Determine the target country from the site.
    7. Installing all the add-ons on the site, which helps in the speed of loading the site and the compatibility of the site with tablets and mobile devices.
    8. Adding a page of us to the site and writing an integrated personal file for the site (including us, vision, message and goal) is useful for the search engine and users at the same time to determine the activity of the site.
    9. Writing a privacy policy page and terms of use to ensure property rights and conditions for dealing with visitors.
    10. Adding a page to communicate with the administration and receive requests and inquiries from clients.

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